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Download Alight Motion Apk Pro Mod Latest Version – Of course editing video from a cellphone is easier and more practical than using a laptop or computer, but using a cellphone is not as professional as the results of video editing are very good and interesting.

For those of you who really like to make videos for YouTube or the like, for example Instagram and Facebook, you can use this application as an alternative when you’re lazy to open your laptop or computer.

This application is called Alight Motion Pro, yes android apk that has a variety of advantages and features that you can use to edit your video, lots of advantages and features and is superior to other applications, want to know more? Come and see until it’s finished, buddy.

About Alight Motion Pro

What is Alight Motion Pro apk? This apk is an Android-based application that is used by some people who really like videography to edit a video using effects and additional motion, so that the video looks good and perfect.

This Apk itself has a variety of features that you can use, as well as the advantages of this one application that you should try and use on your phone.

I will discuss the features of Saol and its advantages, along with an explanation.

Alight Motion Feature

For various features that already exist in this one application very many times and we come up with 8 features that you can use to perfect your videos.

Keyframe Animation is a frame or frame in the motion animation for your video, so that the animation can be set with a frame or frame, which creates an animation and movement in tune with your wishes.
Fonts can be useful to bring up a lot of writing style that you can use, and you can add a lot of fonts.

Color Adjustment, this feature can make your video have a color effect in one of the videos, so that one part of the object or that is in the video will be different warnap in the other part, the color can also be adjusted according to your wishes, There are so many color choices on color adjustment.

Export Many Format is not only from vector format that can be entered in this application, but there are also many choices for you to add to the application for example: jpeg, gif, png and so on.

Visual Effects feature on this one is the effect on the video display, you don’t need to make it manually because this apk provides plugins or tempalte for you to use, and you can choose many kinds of visual effects.

Vector Grapic for those of you who really like to draw on the vetor image format, can import it in this application.

Aspect Ratio In editing a video of course you will also determine a size or resolution of your video, in this one application you will be able to choose a lot of a screen size for videos that have been edited, for example, only size 9: 16 or 1: 1 and you can customize the size to your liking.
Blending Video is a process of mixing a video that was originally two and then put together.

Advantages of Alight Motion Pro

The advantages and extras if you use the mod and pro versions, namely as follows:

  • There are tons of graphics layers, videos that you can use.
  • You can import vector formats and bitmaps in the application
  • Visual effects as well as color adjustments that have been added.
  • Keyframe animations for you to use in all settings in the video that you are editing.
  • It’s easier to make an animation that adjusts the time and duration.
  • Now you can use motion blur.
  • Insert an MP4 or animated video
  • Blend of a very attractive and elegant color.
  • Effective visuals added for you.
  • Group a layer that is united on one layer.

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