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Happy Mall Story is an interesting Happy Labs simulation game. This game is intended for players who have dreams of building their own mall. Maybe you know that shopping is a form of entertainment for many people, especially women. In this game you are a tycoon who is trying to build the biggest shopping center in the world.


The players have free space to build a shop. There is also a female character named Isabelle who guides the players the first time they enter the shop. This is a place where you can receive material and remember important notes. Pay attention to the amount of money you have to spend to buy goods.

Maybe they won’t give you much profit, so players can ignore it and choose items to sell. If successful, the number of customers that enter your business will increase rapidly. If there is a certain retail chain, players need to recruit helpers like Isabelle at a higher level so they can help you expand your market.

You just simply touch the icon on the smartphone screen to make transactions to people. Customers can shop for various drinks, take photos and do other activities. Therefore, arrange the shelves in such a way that all activities in the shopping center look organized. The amount of gold and diamonds that you collect is displayed at the top of the screen so that players can use the money to buy equipment to increase shop business.

Expand Mall Buildings

Making money in the beginning is not easy. They only have a few small booths. After that, you can build more shops, expand the mall, and build more floors. At first glance, you might find that the cost of opening and updating items is very high. But with your daily growth and income, things aren’t as bad as you think.

You can also buy other decorations for your mall. That of course is very necessary. Because in addition to high quality service, landscape and design are important factors in attracting customers.

What else is there in Happy Mall Story MOD?

Of course, having lots of money in a management simulation game will help you do almost anything. In Happy Mall Story: Sim Game MOD APK (unlimited money) we offer a large amount as soon as the game starts. You can open more kiosks, hire more employees, buy decorations, build buildings, expand land.

Happy Mall Story feature

Each game must have interesting features to make the game more fun to play. For those of you who don’t know the features in this game, see the explanation below:

This game can be downloaded and played for free.
Get new decorations and new facilities every week for free.
Has 30+ unique grills
Can be played Offline
Have up to 120 more shops with an increasing number.
can socialize with various world players.

Mod Features

  • FREE!
  • Has many restrictions
  • There are no advertisements
  • Can open 120 more stores and 30+ types of shopping!
  • Offline! Without internet network

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