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This time we will discuss again about the very popular simulation game, 3D graphics, and also many more advantages. And the simulation game is a sim city buildit game. Without the need for long we will explain this game briefly. Here’s a summary of the game sim city buildit. Come immediately see the summary.

A summary of the simcity buildit game

Simcity is a simulation game that is very popular with Android phone users, where this game makes you the mayor or leader of the city. So your job is to build your own dream city.

In the beginning you play this game you will be able to teach you to build a city and also to make your people happy in the city.

And here your first teaching to build a city is that you cannot build any building if there is no highway, so if you want to build a place or a building then you must first build a highway in front of the building.

And in the game can build such as office buildings, residential houses, factories, banks, shops and much more, for the progress of your city itself. And the second teaching is that you have to make an iron factory and also a nail factory. Why do you have to build it? because if you want to make a house you need these two ingredients.

Simcity playing tricks

First, if you want to make any building, you have to buy it first in your shop, then you move the image of the building to the place you want, the place that can be made for the building is a green place. If it’s still green it means you can get up there.

When you play later, you will be visited by other mayors who visit your city and offer you all to visit the mayor’s city. And if you visit the city, then you can copy the neat and modern layout of the building.

And if you want to play this game, you have to first prepare an internet quota to download it, then when you have finished downloading it, you don’t need to play this internet network anymore.

How to play simcity buildit mod

Build the city of your dreams

The first is to build your dream city online or offline, you can create buildings in 3D and you can expand your city from taxes on your buildings.

And you can build your city in a modern and strategic way from visiting other mayor’s cities.

Make your city as a source of life

You have to make your city the source of life for other cities, just like you make horizons and make buildings that can produce resources. You can also make ships and airports to send cargo from your city.

And build your city as attractive as possible for example just make your city like the city of England or other countries. And you build underwater parks along your beach.

Make your citizens happy

Sometimes a lot of problems arise in your city such as fire, air pollution, and traffic jams, and you have to solve them all. And there are problems that are difficult to solve and make you bored to play them.

And this simcity mod is very useful for you to solve problems and also accelerate you to build the city of your dreams.

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