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Tofu round is a game that depicts someone selling round tofu who started a business from the very bottom and you are required to build a tofu business, with the help and ways that you build so that the business is successful.

For the gameplay of this round tofu game easily, not like a game with a rpg or mob themed theme that requires you to have the skill and speed of the hand when playing, but also this one game is very similar to an original selling activity.

For those of you who don’t know how to play this one game, you can see, tips on how to play the game that are very easy to achieve success in this game.

Main Features of Round Tofu Game

  • Play this game easily by tapping on your mobile screen only.
  • Build your business and get wealth in selling round tofu
  • Improve cooking tools so that the selling power is higher
  • Increase the quality of your tofu by raising the level of the recipe
  • Continue to increase the level of the car and the accessories that are in it to attract potential buyers
  • Raise promotions to attract buyers so that lots of people arrive
  • Event for my friend
  • Get an advantage that doubles the dievent of tofu fever
  • Achieve your success and make your business a number one on the championship board
  • Save your tofu account in Google save cloud

Gameplay Tahu Bulat

Pay attention to the round tofu recipe
The first thing for you to notice is the recipe for tofu for making, the higher the level, the higher the selling power, too, but if it is not added from the services and stores of very expensive round tofu, it will not sell.

Focus on moving things together
For those of you who are still confused about raising which one should go first, we recommend that you raise at the same time from all levels of promotion, cars, and prices from the same round tofu all and all aspects go well and your shop is getting ahead.

Raise the car level
If we have round tofu and it must be balanced with a car that is also getting better, it functions as an attraction for buyers so that the selling power of the round tofu increases.

Extra time coin
In this game there is a time of sale where your shop will be visited by a flying UFO or flying suitcase, which functions can increase an income that reaches twice the coins already, and pay attention to the additional menu below the store, you must use it on occasion this.

Raise promotion from round tofu
For promotion in a business, in fact business or in the game is just as important, for those of you who want to have buyers in this game then you have to raise the level of a promotion so that promotion can be conveyed to prospective buyers so that the selling power is higher.

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